Environmental considerations are an important part of Securabike’s operation.  The greatest contribution from Securabike is to see the number of bikes ridden daily increase.  More and more commuters are using cycles throughout the world for journeys for work, school, shopping and leisure.  In the western world in particular this is taking cars off the road which is a benefit to the environment and in particular air pollution; whether it be particle pollutants within a city or carbon dioxide in the greater atmosphere.  So in this respect, our greatest contribution is to be a part of the trend of the growing use of bicycles globally and we are proud of our small contribution to that end.

Securabike is conscious of its local environmental requirements and in particular related to the construction industry which is a large client.  To that end, Securabike maintains a number of work practices related to the minimization of harm to the environment; whether that be air, noise, or water for example.  Of importance are two considerations which are very common for us being metal recycling as most of our products are metallic and our installation methods.  In relation to metal recycling Leda is a recycler of waste material from our factory and we see zero waste for metal as it is either reused in product or alternatively recycled through our local metal recycling suppliers.  Of consideration is that the product Leda manufactures is metallic so it can easily be recycled no matter the countries that our products end up in.

During installation it is common for our bicycle parking racks, rails, cages and lockers to be fixed using masonry anchors.  When drilling or cutting concrete, there is a small amount of concrete dust which can be harmful to our waterways.  It is therefore important that installation crews are equipped wet vacs so that they are able to properly collect and dispose of the concrete dust related to this activity.

Securabike as part of the Leda Group is extremely conscious of its environmental requirements and considers itself to be working towards environmentally sustainable policies throughout its business.  Further details of these policies are available upon request.

About Securabike

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