PARK(ing) Day at the Farm - 21st Septmeber

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Once again Leda and Deicke Richards took part in the annual event – PARK(ing) Day. This was the 5th year that they transformed a 5 space carpark into a temporary green space for the day.  The global celebration calls attention to the importance of open public space in the city.

2012 is the year of the farmer and the green space took a dynamic form of an urban farm incorporating an orchard, a farmer’s stall and a vegetable & herb garden. Leda supported the event through the provision of a compact bike rack for the cycling guests.

PARK(ing) Day was started in 2005 it is based on the idea to transform a carpark into a public space.In 2008 Brisbane participated and featured 40 parks on the day, attracted many people and the media.

The event prompts communities to rethink how our streets are used and sparks conversations about sustainable cities.

Overall the day was a success and the event called for the attention to the importance of open public space in the city and rethink the way we use our streets.

Leda is a proud supporter of the day by providing temporary bicycle parking to participating companies such as Deicke Richards.

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